'Sand Dream' - a unique video from Dato

22 Августа

The new extra-creative video to a Georgian song 'Makhindgi Var' is a unique new project, of the type that Russian show-business have never heard of.
The video which makes your heart skip a beat and lyrics that don't need translation.
The video will use sand drawing technology specially brought from Israel. Time is sand that runs through fingers, sometimes quicker than we'd like it to…

Sand drawings are fragile yet possess unbelievable magic powers at the same time.
It's amazing when thousands of grains of sands unexpectedly turn into real life stories and recognisable characters.
You can't see it in everyday life but soon it'll be on screen…

Filming is scheduled for 31 August. The project is supported and supervised by 'Paranoia Film' company,
created a year ago. Its main specialization is photo and video advertising as well as making radio jingles and music videos.

Head of 'Paranoia Films' Svytoslav Kacharava says this about the birth of the concept of the video: 'First me and my partner,
'Paranoia Films' producer Igor Arefyev, accidentally found Ilana Yahav, a fantastic artist from Israel.

Her technique is unique; she creates sand drawings in real time.
We looked at her work and wanted to let somebody else (apart from our families) know about her.
We started to think about what can be done and then heard 'Makhindgi Var' performed by Dato.
The song stunned us and we had no doubts about the project which should unite these two pieces of art.'

Producer Igor Arefyev: 'I and my friends – director Konstantin Charmadov and cameraman Sergey Politik – work on this project for ourselves.
My friend gave birth to a son recently and we're making this video to celebrate his birth'.
Immediately after finishing the video it'll be offered for broadcasting on western music channels.

Dato's producer Gela Gogokhia says that they aren't driven by commercial success of this project but hope to make such a beautiful,
unique video that it'll remain in people's memories despite not being TV friendly, though who knows…

Dato himself says: 'I've wanted to make a video for 'Makhindgi Var' for a long time.
We had different ideas about it, for example to use ancient Georgian churches as background.
But the project offered by guys from 'Paranoia Films' just captured me. I was mesmerised to the screen when they showed the first sketches.'

The song has a history to it. The woman who wrote the lyrics was confined to her bed and there was no other way for her to express her feelings to the man she loved.
She wrote these words and now the song started life of its own and is heart-rending.'

I'm sure my fans will appreciate our work with Ilana Yahav.

To help you feel the depth of the song's message we decided to translate the song for you.
The translation surely is much weaker than the Georgian original as it's difficult to find equivalents for many Georgian words in English,
but at least we tried to keep the meaning intact.


Makhindgi Var (lyrics by Zh. Chrelashvili)

Yes, I'm ugly, but I'll make myself beautiful for you

I'll take all the pain, only your pain

Just give me one warm smile, let age and sterness leave your face for a moment

Like a proud bird you are always flying above my head

I'll take all the pain, only your pain

I remember your dark eyes, crystal smile and tender lips

Why are you becoming so distant?

Yes, I'm ugly, but I'll make myself beautiful for you

I'll take all the pain, only your pain



'Sand Dream' - a unique video from Dato