Filming a new video for 'Makhindgi Var' – Sand Dream

1 Сентября

Work on the video for Dato's 'Makhindgi Var' was over on August 31 2005 in Moscow.
There was one full shooting day and it lasted from 9 am to late in the evening; however, preparations started much earlier.

As we've already told you, we invited Ilana Yakhav, a unique Israeli artist who mastered the technique of sand drawing, to take part in the video.
She brought a special table for drawing sand pictures on in a container from Tel Aviv and the director ordered a carload of sand into the studio,
as he wanted to make sand drawing the central point of the video.
Quite a few journalists interested in Dato's new project turned up in the studio during the day.
Everybody noted the very friendly and warm atmosphere there, the one which settles where people really enjoy what they're working on.

The last frame is shot; all the participants congratulate each other with applause. Igor Arefyev, the producer of 'Paranoia Film',
the company which supported and took part in the project,
was fully satisfied with it and remarked that everything went down fine and the original idea of the video was realised almost as was planned.

'Paranoia Film' head Svyatoslav Kacharava: 'I'm very pleased with everybody’s performances; everybody who took part in the filming did a very good job.
Now we'll have to wait for 10 days while cutting is being done, but I think I can say even now that the video is very interesting.
We worked very well together and I hope there'll be more projects like this in the future.'

Gela Gogokhia, Dato's manager: 'I want to express my sincere gratitude to Ilana Yahav and 'Paranoia Films', Slava Kacharava and Igor Arefyev personally,
for making this possible and for the excellent idea. I'm also thankful to director Konstantin Charmadov,
cameraman Sergey Politik and producer Ekaterina Petrova for their excellent work.’
Dato:'I was very pleased to meet such a unique and amicable person as Ilana Yahav.
I'd like to thank everyone who took part in the project and I hope that when the video is ready we'll all enjoy it a lot.'



Filming a new video for 'Makhindgi Var' – Sand Dream