New Dato's video for 'Hvalisa'

25 Марта

Good news for Dato fans and all lovers of non-commercial music. 
Director Iscander Faizrakhmanov, known for his work with documentaries, advertising and music video,
made a new promo-film for 'khvalem izrunos khvalisa' ('Khvalisa' for short), using unique footage from Gosteleradio Russia archives.

The song has a special significance for Dato, that's why he included it in his two albums –
'I want you to want this' (2002) and ' I don't want to hurt you' (2003), released in Georgia.

Iskander Faizrakhmanov: I got to know Dato and his producer Gela Gogokhia at the presentation of their first Russian album.
I immediately suggested working together on my new project and they happened to have a suitable song for it.
I'm very grateful to all Dato's team, they were very nice to work together, accepting my idea at once and making valuable suggestions,
so I can say we made a true creative unit.
The most difficult part of the work was to find footage in the archive which would express the singer's emotions most accurately, but I hope we managed to stand up to the task.'

Dato himself wrote music to 'Khvalisa', using work of the great Georgian poet Galaktion Tabidze for the lyrics.
A verbatim translation of the song's title would be 'Let tomorrow care for tomorrow' (full translation into Russian will soon be available in 'lyrics' section of our web site).
The song is often played on radio 'Jazz' these days.

Dato: After 'Sand Dream' video was such a success I was often asked if I was afraid to set the standard so high.
I always answered I wasn't because I did and continue doing only what I really like. The idea of a video based on archive footage had lived in my mind for a long time.
The potter's wheel and his hands – a pivotal image in the video – symbolise that all the beauty which Georgia is associated with, was create by man's hands.
So when Iskander suggested taking part in the project, I agreed without hesitating.' The video is available in 'Video' section.



New Dato's video for 'Hvalisa'