'Sand Dream', Dato's long-awaited solo album.

13 Декабря

Dato's third solo album 'Sand Dream' is released by 'Gramophone Music', one of the leading Russian record companies.
It includes 16 songs, some new, some already popular, and two videos – 'Forgive Me' and 'Makhindgi Var'.
The release is supported by MusicBox TV, Russian News Service (107.0 FM), Arbat Radio and Hit FM.

Gela Gogokhia, Dato's producer:
This is a very important event in Dato's career, as this is his first CD in Russia.
The album turned out to be a very diverse one in sound, it's got some folk-music, some disco and R'n'B.
Two video's are included on the CD,
one of them is the sensational ‘Makhindgi Var' clip, which hasn’t been on sale or available on the Internet until now.
Unfortunately we can't fit all Dato's songs in a CD, as he's got about 40 of them, but I hope recording the next album won't be take too long.



'Sand Dream', Dato's long-awaited solo album.