Filming the video for 'Janaya' (Dato and Ligalize).

30 Ноября

Two rainy autumn nights St.Petersburg had no sleep, as two artists, the director and his assistants, a crew of more than 30 people, stylists,
make-up artists and extras were creating a video which was to blow up music channels in December. The plot's quite simple – Dato and Ligalize,
musicians working in very different styles, come home of one of them. Friends are waiting, they get to the table to celebrate.
But something's wrong, some stirring music with loud bass is playing from above, cups and plates on the table trembling.

But where's Ligalize? Aha, now we see, it's his people rocking upstairs.
Dato goes up to the attic, watches the people there,
than snatches the mike from Ligalizes's hands… That's how 'Janaya', a hot r'n'b hit with eastern flavour, is born.
The choice of location for the shooting was rather interesting, as on the first day episodes were filmed in Pushkin, 
a very picturesque town near St. Petersburg. 
The old villa's interiors are very familiar to Eastern European audience for featuring in popular TV films about Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. 
On the second day the extras rocked in one of LenDocFilm's studios, where they created an 'attic' specially for the video.
The filming was a story in itself and the scale of production was very impressive indeed. Imagine a night in an alley in a park,
lit by numerous floodlights, a crane, smoke pots… The crew hustling about, cameras flashing tirelessly,
the director's giving orders, actors, extras, support crew and five stray dogs joining the fun.
Everybody's immensely happy doing a common and very interesting job. On the second day the atmosphere of fun,
generated by the artists and actors flowed from the screen into the real life. 
Dances, sincere smiles and the director' signature phrase 'I – like — it, guys!' were very inspiring. Suddenly we hear 'Thanks everyone,
cut!' The dawn is breaking, everybody's dead tired and the train to Moscow is leaving soon.
'Janaya' video was produced by 'Sever Production', directed by Konstantin Cherepkov and filmed by Andrey Vakorin.
Professional make-up artists, best hairdressers in Europe leading publications' photographers and break-dance contest winners took part in making the video,
which is to be presented in December on different music channels.




Filming the video for 'Janaya' (Dato and Ligalize).