Dato interviewed by TV Channel «Mir»

30 Марта

A few days ago Dato and Legalise were interviewed on TV 'Mir' in 'Hit-Express' show.
The channel broadcasts in all CIS countries with branches in each of them and head office in Moscow.

The show is a kind of a televised 'glossy' magazine, featuring hits and hottest topics in music fashion, sports, pop-art and everything related to show-business.
Hostess Alina Selezneva asked the musicians about their current fancies, personal favourites and what they like about them.
The interview was very easy-going and it was clear that Dato and Legalise aren't just business-partners,
but also friends, as they made fun of each other, told jokes and anecdotes. Watch the show on 'Mir' TV.



Dato interviewed by TV Channel «Mir»