Dato on Ukrainian TV

19 Октября

One of Ukrainian TV channels broadcast a show about the song 'Chernobrivcy' by V. Vermenich and N. Singayevsky.
All the performers of the song were mentioned in the show and Dato's version was singled out as the most original by the producers.
The originality of its version was also marked by the Grand Prix of «Slavyansky Bazaar 2000» festival,
where Dato received the award from the internationally acclaimed French composer Michelle Legrand.

The show about the song which is very dear to the hearts of Ukranians was very moving.
In fact Dato frequently takes part in different TV shows in CIS countries, but unfortunately not all of them are available to his fans.
This time, however, courtesy of our Ukranian colleagues,
the recording of the show will soon be available on Dato's official website in the 'Video' section.



Dato on Ukrainian TV