Dato's «hot Swedish summer»

21 Сентября

Abnormal heat wave hitting Stockholm in the middle of the summer didn't prevent filming Dato's new video 'Straight through my heart',
although the whole crew and the main actress in the video, Therese Fischer in particular, had to brave the extreme weather conditions.

The director's idea was to make the video not too glamorous and simple, just a story of life in motion and two people living this kind of life drifting towards each other.
In order to bring the director's vision to life Theresa had to run over 15 km under the scorching sun before she heard the long-awaited 'Cut!'

Dato: 'We arrived at the location at 8 o'clock, sat comfortably in the shade and for 6 hours watched the main actress's part being filmed.
All this time Theresa was running around us, only stopping a couple of times to have a glass of water. When the filming day was over she told us it was her birthday!'
A truly international team worked on the video, communicating in English, Russian, Georgian and Swedish. But art was the best lingua franca.
'Straight Through My Heart' video team are:
The director, Konstantin Cherepkov, a successful clipmaker, working with Russian and international stars;
Cikura, a well-known Swedish filmmaker.
It must be noted that Konstantin had already worked with Dato on 'Janaya' video, and Cikura made the one for 'Deja Vu'.
Filming was done by Joshua Reis, a cameraman having worked successfully with such artists as Kanye West, Snoop Dog, John Legend, Soulja Boy, Seal, Big Boy and many others.
The main actress – a Swedish model Therese Fischer, recently signed a contract with FORD Models.
The images of the characters were created by Elena Mussa, a stylist working with top fashion publications such as SOMA and FutureClaw, straight from New York.
At the moment there are two versions of the video, the director's edit and the one made by Bridge Design team, chosen by the artist's management for rotation.
Another important feature of the video was a Ford Mustang made in 1965. Dato as a true connoisseur and an ex-collectioner of this make enjoyed the filming immensely.
The owner of the automobile also watched the filming, so most of the time Dato was extremely careful with the exclusive vehicle.
However, the moment the cameraman and the singer were out of the crew's sight, Dato performed a few tricks with the car and one of them even made it into the final version of the Bridge Design edit of the video.
Wonder what the owner will have to say if he happens to see it on TV?
While Dato was in Sweden making the video, rumours circulated in some Russian media that Dato’s new video will feature a real batmobile.
This was sparked by some photos of the singer next to the vehicle from the famous series.
The truth is that Dato just visited the set where they shot a film about batmobile and the photos were made there.
Dato: 'I'm glad that we've reached a new European level in our art and are holding our ground there,
both in the records and video production. Hope that our fans will see and appreciate this.'






Dato's «hot Swedish summer»