Dato takes part in Moscow anniversary concerts

3 Сентября

TV shows marking the City Day were recently filmed in 'Mosfilm's studios.
Dato took part in two of them, performing two songs from his repertoire.

The second performance was a new duet with Marina Devyatova,
a talented singer known to Russian folklore lovers for her unmistakable manner of performing folk songs which gives them a new and special sound.
Dato's fans who love his versions of ethnic songs were pleased to hear the performance of a Georgian traditional tune 'Ginvelloi' and a Russian folk song.
The two melodies blended very well and caused a storm of applause from the audience and the filming crew of 'Good evening Moscow' TV show alike.
We wish to thank the crew in 'The Golden Fleece'
and everyone who took part in making it happen and hope that Dato and Marina Davyatova will please their fans with this number many more times.
Marina Devyatova's official web-page is http://www.marinadevyatova.ru/
The TV version of the performance is scheduled to be aired on September 3 at 21.05 on TVC channel.






Dato takes part in Moscow anniversary concerts